December 04, 2010

Book of Songs [Volume One]

writing this album, i found something inside myself. a need to say what needed to be said. a voice. not my voice, but a voice of listening. listening to myself. volume one sets the stage for this book of songs, which is a real notebook of mine with all these songs written within. this album is only the first quarter of the notebook. now it's filling up, with volumes 2 and 3 complete.

volume one was recorded in one day. 12 hours. from noon to midnight on july 16th 2010. in the basement of the snowden house, i recorded acoustic tracks. the piano is a family heirloom, which is an old player piano with over 100 scrolls of classic songs. it hasn't been tuned in years, but sounds amazing in a small upstairs room with natural reverb.

the session included three more songs, 'let it be myself' , 'what i thought' and 'outro'. they had been all the songs written until that point. when i wrote the title for 'let it be myself' on my own index page, i had written it much father down the page than the other songs. as more songs were being written, i realized this was the natural progression to volume two.

enjoy volume one for today. listen to the 'book of demos volume one' for some interesting versions of songs recorded in apartment two while writing the album. thanks for listening, reading, and being. see you in the world.

download 'Book of Songs [Volume One]' from Rack and Ruin Records